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USPAP RequirementsUSPAP Requirements

All Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) courses taken for basic education credit must be the 15-hour National USPAP Course taken from an AQB Certified Instructor, who is also a Certified Residential or Certified General appraiser in good standing. The course must also be approved by the Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers (BREA).

USPAP Only Renewals

A USPAP Renewal is the first renewal after the beginning of your CE Cycle. This renewal requires documentation of the seven-hour National USPAP Update Course taken sometime within the license term. This course applies towards the total number of continuing education hours required to renew in the subsequent license cycle.

Some USPAP renewals may be submitted online.

CE Cycle Renewals

A CE Renewal is the second renewal after the beginning of your CE Cycle. This renewal must not only include documentation of a seven-hour National USPAP Update Course taken in your USPAP only renewal (above) within the first 2 years of the license term, but also must have documentation of 49 additional hours (including an additional seven-hour National USPAP Update Course taken within the second 2 years of the license term) of continuing education taken within the CE Cycle. In order to avoid a potential lapse in your license renewal, applications should be submitted 90 days prior to your expiration date.

All acceptable continuing education must be taken within your CE Cycle. The original CE Cycle start date will begin with the issuance date of your initial license, and normally runs for a period of four years, provided the USPAP Renewal is not renewed on a late basis. The ending date of a CE Cycle will be the expiration date of the CE Renewal. The CE Cycle then starts over and your new CE Cycle Start date will be the issuance date of the CE Renewal.

BREA Approved Courses and Course Providers

All course providers must have submitted evidence that they are offering the National USPAP courses or their equivalent as determined by the AQB Course Approval Program. In addition, evidence must be submitted that USPAP instructors are AQB Certified and hold a Certified Residential or Certified General license in good standing.

The following is required in order to offer the National USPAP Course or its equivalent for California credit:

  • A Course Accreditation and Description (REA 3014);
  • Fees in the amount of $100.00 for the 7-hour continuing education course, or $250.00 for the 15-hour basic education course;
  • A copy of the Licensing Agreement between the course provider and The Appraisal Foundation; or

    Verification that the USPAP course has been reviewed by The Appraisal Foundation and determined to be equivalent to the National USPAP Course;

  • A copy of the AQB Certified USPAP Instructor Credential and verification that that the instructor holds a current state certified residential or certified general license for each USPAP instructor the course provider will be using; and
  • A copy of the Course Completion certificate which must include:
    • The Course Approval Number;
    • Name and Address of Student;
    • Course Title;
    • Method of Instruction;
    • Date of Course completion;
    • A statement that the student was in attendance for 90% of the course hours (for continuing education courses only);
    • Date of final examination (for basic education courses only);
    • Identity and signature of verifier signed under penalty of perjury; and
    • Name and License number of course instructor.