BREA Bulletin

  • The following online services will be unavailable November 17, 2020 for maintenance and upgrade:

    • Online Renewal
    • Application Status
    • Appraiser and AMC Lookup
    • BREA AMC and Appraisers Complaint

  • Fannie Mae is extending the flexibilities to appraisers; please see links for more details: or
  • Our office is now open to the public Monday through Friday.
  • The State Public Health Officer has designated a list of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers to help state, local, tribal, and industry partners as they work to protect communities, while ensuring continuity of functions critical to public health and safety, as well as economic and national security.
  • Recent Update to Questions and Answers from The Appraisal Foundation

    BREA recommends anyone wanting information on COVID-19 to check the California Department of Public Health for daily updates.

    Additionally, The Appraisal Foundation (TAF) issued Coronavirus and Appraisers: Your Questions Answered on Friday March 13, 2020.

    PSI Online, BREA's examination provider, has provided information on examination sites and rescheduling.
  • On March 23, 2020, Fannie Mae issued, and on March 31, 2020, updated, Lender Letter (LL-2020-04) to all Fannie Mae Single-Family Sellers regarding the impact of COVID-19 on appraisals. The Lender Letter acknowledges during the COVID-19 national emergency, full interior and exterior inspection of subject properties may not be possible. In response, Fannie Mae is allowing temporary flexibilities to its appraisal requirements. Those who are interested in those flexibilities can visit Fannie Mae’s website to view the letter.
  • General Guidance and Frequently Asked Questions for BREA Stakeholders.
  • Guidance on Essential-Critical-Infrastructure-Workers.
  • Scam Alert (pdf)
  • Licensing fee increases for 2020 (pdf)

    For licensing fees paid after December 31, 2019, click here(pdf)
  • Timely License Renewal

    The Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers (Bureau) mails out license renewal notifications to all licensees, six months prior to their expiration. The letter requests that renewals be submitted at least 90 days prior to the expiration of a license. This is due to the Bureau’s processing time. Though it may take the Bureau up to 90 days to process an application, it typically does not. Should a licensee delay submittal of the renewal application, the licensee may expire, and the licensee would be unable to practice appraising. The licensee will show up on the Bureau’s website as “Expired” and “InActive” on the Appraisal Subcommittee’s (ASC) website until such time as the renewed license is issued. Although the Bureau makes every effort to process renewal applications prior to expiration of the previous license, it is imperative that we receive renewal applications in a reasonable amount of time that allows for processing. In order to maintain an "active" listing of your appraisal license, please do not wait until a week or month before the expiration date to submit a renewal application and appropriate documentation.

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